The Woodlands

Timothy The Triceratops


Our Triceratops friend roamed these lands about 68 million years ago. A herbivore the size of a mini bus! 

Colours may differ from photo. 

Measures at approximatley 20 cm long and 9 cm high

All singular dinos come without a bag.

- Paints, tints and oils are all VOC free, plant and mineral based 

- Handmade in New Zealand by a husband and wife duo 

- Each piece each is slightly different due to being handmade

- Age: 3+ 

- Not suitable for water play 

- Each piece is intricately made by hand with tools and painted by hand also. No CNCs or laser machines here. This is why you will find each piece to be slightly different and sometimes the colours will differ minutely too. We like to think it keeps it real and rustic. 

This purchase helps provide 6 meals for kids in need.

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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